Tesco Stakeholders Analysis

Every corporate organization in existence has individuals and organizations that have an impact on its operation and existence either directly or indirectly. These individuals or organizations are commonly referred to as stakeholders. Tesco stakeholders include its employees whom they refer to as colleagues, shareholders, company board, customers, suppliers, pressure groups, … Read more

Tesco Competitive Advantages and Strategy

Competition in the retail industry is very stiff, especially with the increasing globalization and expansion of most retail brands into several markets to enhance and increase their market share. Hence, a lot of companies employ different strategies in the bid to gain a competitive advantage in this ever-expanding free market. … Read more

Weaknesses of Tesco

Tesco PLC is a leading grocery retailer in the UK that serves millions of customers every week, both online and in stores. The company’s larger market share and its other strengths have contributed to the brand’s success which has helped to give it a competitive advantage over its competitors. However, … Read more

Lululemon Strategic Sales

Every company that operates within the retail industry is largely dependent on sales for its revenue. Lululemon strategic sales is one of the product selling strategies used by the brand to increase sales by encouraging bulk purchases which consequently increases revenue. Here, we shall take a closer at what Lululemon’s … Read more

What is Value Chain Activity and Examples?

The value chain activity is comprised mainly of primary and secondary activities undertaken by business corporations when creating a product or service. These value chain activities generally progress from one stage to the other until the product or service created gets to the end-user or consumer. Understanding the various processes … Read more

Lululemon’s Competitive Advantages and Strategy

Lululemon’s competitive advantages include its brand positioning as a specialist in the production of yoga wear, the high quality of its products, as well as its strong community of loyal customers. This business corporation was established in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada. When he established the brand, Chip … Read more

Costco Competitive Advantages and Strategy

Costco’s competitive advantage of low-priced and high-quality products is influenced by its competitive strategy of cost leadership and product differentiation. The company traces its origin back to the establishment of the first wholesale club, Price Club by Sol Price in 1976 in San Diego, California. This was a novel retail … Read more

Ford Suppliers List and Components Supplied

The Ford supply chain consists of a complex network of suppliers that ensure the company has the parts and materials it needs to build cars. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that the supply chain is efficient and reliable. Ford’s suppliers can be grouped into tiers 1, … Read more

Ford’s Supply Chain Issues and Management

Ford’s supply chain issues made the automaker halt production because of a shortage of chips needed for the production of its vehicle. This supply chain problem was widespread and many automobile manufacturers were affected as well. Only a few vehicle manufacturers like Tesla which is vertically integrated, were able to … Read more

Strengths of Tesco Plc

Tesco Plc started as a small grocery stall in East London in 1919. This company was founded by Jack Cohen and since its inception has grown significantly over the years, expanding its product lines and services. Due to the uniqueness and strengths of Tesco, the company has established itself as … Read more