Telstra’s Vertical Integration Strategy and Examples

In the competitive telecommunications industry, companies are always looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of their rivals. One of these strategies used by companies is vertical integration, a business strategy where a company acquires, partners, or merges with other businesses along its supply chain. Telstra’s vertical integration is one … Read more

Disadvantages of Vertical Integration

Vertical integration is a business approach wherein companies exert more control over their supply chains by taking ownership of more stages in the supply, production, distribution, and sale of their products and services. Once, a company can control all aspects of its business operations without third parties involved, it gives … Read more

Do any companies use VeChain (VET)?

VeChain works with companies such as BMW to prevent automobile odometer fraud during the transfer of data in the supply chain. It also works with LVMH to use VeChain in order to track luxury goods. Other uses of VeChain include streamlining data transfers across the consumer goods industries as well … Read more

Tesla’s Vertical Integration Strategy and Examples

Is Tesla a vertical integration? Tesla is an excellent example of vertical integration. Tesla’s vertical integration strategy has helped the company to be more efficient compared to other automakers. The company has succeeded in making most of the needed components for the manufacture of its cars. It has its own … Read more

Vertical Integration Examples of Companies

Vertical integration helps companies and businesses to have control over their supply chain. We will discuss the vertical integration examples of companies across different sectors, the impact of this business strategy on these businesses, and whether the application of each of the examples of vertical integration was successful or not. … Read more

Vertical Integration Benefits

The majority of companies depend on a number of partners and suppliers to produce and distribute their products; some use a vertical integration strategy whereby they acquire or merge with the smaller companies involved in their supply chain. One of the major vertical integration benefits is that it gives the … Read more

What caused the Silicon Valley Bank to collapse?

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed on Friday, 10th March 2023 and it created the second-largest bank failure in US history; Washington Mutual (WaMu) collapse in 2008 was the largest bank failure in US history. So what caused the Silicon Valley Bank to collapse? even as the bank grew to be … Read more

How to scale your business

Knowing how to scale your business can be challenging, especially for new entrepreneurs. When we talk about scaling a business, we refer to strategies for growth that would align with your original business vision while managing the impact of growth on your business. This is not easy to do and … Read more

Business Corporation Examples and Types

In this article, we see some business corporation examples and the different types as they have become prominent in our present world. Most of these businesses started as other forms of business entities such as sole proprietorships and partnerships and were later converted into corporations. This conversion usually takes place … Read more

What are Zombie Corporations? Definition and Effects

Zombie corporations are corporations that are deeply in debt but generate just enough income to continue operation or need regular bailouts in order to operate. These corporations are generally able to pay the interest charges on the debts they owe but are unable to repay the principal. With so many … Read more