Crypto campaigns and how to get started

Crypto campaigns need to be done right because promoting cryptocurrency offerings can be difficult because it requires more than just placing ads and banners on various websites. The cryptocurrency market is now in such a state that each company’s journey is distinct. However, we hope that our digest will assist you in the initial planning stage and save you some time.

What is a crypto campaign?

A crypto campaign is an organized course of action to achieve the goal of successfully establishing your cryptocurrency exchange in the market.

A crypto exchange marketing campaign may include several major activities, such as direct advertising and brand promotion, encouraging user activity, and improving the exchange’s functionality. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Crypto campaigns
Crypto campaigns

Activities to start crypto campaigns

  1. Promotion and branding
  2. Advertising and publicity
  3. Event-driven PR
  4. Warming up the user base
  5. Expanding the functionality of your exchange

Promotion and branding

This strategy consists of a series of activities aimed at attracting new users and increasing their overall number. Some of these tasks must be performed by management, but others can be delegated to specialists in digital advertising and promotion campaigns. This stage involves the following which will be dissected.

  • Initial preparation and objective setting
  • Awareness campaign

Initial preparation and objective setting

This point may appear self-evident and obvious. Before you launch any campaign, you must define its objectives, which are not always obvious. This responsibility falls almost entirely on the shoulders of business owners and upper management. According to their position, they must understand market specifics, customer demands, and the final appearance of the product. This task cannot be outsourced for obvious reasons. Because you can’t move forward unless you know who your customers are and why you’re offering your product to them.

Awareness campaign

The campaign refers to the creation and promotion of any cryptocurrency-related content. This segment distinguishes three types of activity namely;

Development of a marketing strategy

This can be accomplished by analyzing the performance of competing businesses as well as conducting surveys of target user groups, including traders and cryptocurrency holders, both current and prospective. It is important to note that information-gathering methods differ, and no one knows better than the business owners what is best for their product (a preliminary survey or practical testing).

Information content creation

Creating content about any business, in general, begins with a semantic core, which is an ordered set of search words, their morphological forms, and phrases that most accurately describe your business. This is not as simple as it may appear at first glance because when creating a core, you must ensure that it contains enough keywords while also ensuring that the content on your pages does not appear oversaturated. This stage involves writing and publishing content.

Although writing can be outsourced, it is recommended that you have someone on staff who oversees the process. A content manager from within your company understands your product better than any Upwork freelancer, can collaborate effectively with contractors, and can make changes quickly if necessary.

During publishing, the type of content you publish also influences your site selection. To increase your chances of reaching the desired user demographic, you will most likely need to collaborate with multiple platforms, including your blog.

SEO implementation

This point follows from the previous one, and it entails creating an indexable landing page and optimizing conversions from it. This work is based on the findings of keyword research and user behavior.

Even if your company caters to experienced traders, you can always expect a surge in interest from newcomers, and seasoned clients must also be educated on platform operating principles and current market conditions. To attract and retain traders, educational content in all forms — from publications about the platform’s functionality to news articles — is always a good bet.

To get your exchange in front of your target audience, you must select the best content format and create high-quality publications that promote your products.

Advertising and publicity

Advertising in this context refers to a set of paid activities designed to promote information about your exchange through whatever channels you deem appropriate. such as the following;

  • Collaboration with media partners: This could include writing and publishing articles and press releases about the exchange on popular cryptocurrency news and analysis sites, such as Telegram channels.
  • Partnership with influential people: Influencers are well-known traders, crypto-bloggers (including YouTube video-bloggers), and others who promote the exchange.
  • Advertisement in native banners: A/B testing, geo-targeted redirects for targeted users, and contextual advertising are examples of this category.
  • Affiliate marketing programs: Cost Per Action (CPA) networks and intermediary advertising systems with behavioral targeting are examples of these.

When looking for and selecting influencer bloggers and advertising channels, you may come across a number of dubious projects. The latter’s work is not intended to generate leads for the client, but rather to implement budgets. A typical scam scheme might look like this: a Telegram channel charges a fee to place a press release or advertisement, and then the customer receives views or visits from bots instead of actual leads. This is not to say that finding a trustworthy partner is impossible. All you have to do is be cautious when looking and double-check everything.

Advertising budgets are necessary for a successful promotional campaign, but they must also be closely monitored.

Event-driven PR

This category may include any action related to a news hook provided by your exchange. Which may include the following:

  • Participation in offline activities: You can send a group of exchange representatives to a conference, forum, discussion platform, or hackathon, or you can organize one yourself.
  • Listing new instruments on the exchange (Coinmarketcap and other platforms): Each listing added to an event platform can raise awareness of the exchange, but such information should be made available as soon as possible.
  • Development of technology partnerships: Payment service and system integration, cryptocurrencies, AML/KYC identity providers, and so on are all topics for discussion. Every new partner improves the reputation of your exchange.

Remember that any action you take to advance the exchange can be used as a public relations opportunity.

Warming up the user base

Users of your exchange can also assist your company’s public relations campaign. There are several approaches that can be taken which include:

  • Channeling the activity of users
  • Implementing partnership projects
  • Email newsletters

Channeling the activity of users

Contrary to popular belief, users can be organized to perform a variety of tasks if the process is designed to be mutually beneficial. This is best accomplished on a competitive basis through programs for referrals, forecast competitions, trader contests, publication competitions in social networks, and voting on which coins should be listed.

Implementing partnership projects

Bounty programs are an excellent example of such efforts. The bounty program allows you to obtain blockchain startup tokens without investing any of your own money. A company that participates in an ICO offers to perform certain actions in order to promote the startup and attract new users, and such actions are rewarded with tokens.

Email newsletters

It’s a tried-and-true method of keeping your user base happy, but there’s one catch: email newsletters should be used sparingly, as there’s a fine line between informing and annoying. Set clear boundaries for your newsletters, including all dos and don’ts, as well as the mailing frequency for different user groups.

Remember that your main resource is your user base. If you want to use this resource for public relations, set ethical boundaries and make it a win-win situation, and the results will come quickly.

Expanding the functionality of your exchange

The emphasis of the public relations campaign is on your exchange and its capabilities. The basis of the promotion work is the timely improvement of existing features and the addition of new ones in response to user requests and market conditions. All other efforts will be futile if this foundation is not present.

It is the software provider for your exchanges who stands out, as well as their ability to respond to your requests quickly.

Expanding the functionality of your exchange involves the following:

  • Enhancing the trading experience
  • Expanding deposit and withdrawal options
  • Developing the ICO capabilities

Enhancing the trading experience

This category includes anything that can broaden your users’ trading toolkit and give them more options for developing strategies, such as the introduction of new coins, order types, and trading tools (e.g. trading advisors). This can also include the expansion of investment options, such as new formats, indices, and futures.

Expanding deposit and withdrawal options

Increasing the number of payment systems and crypto processing services demonstrates that you care about your users. They will appreciate this type of creativity.

Developing the ICO capabilities

This category is perfectly exemplified by utility tokens, which provide users with access to a company’s services or products after a set period of time.

A large number of companies enter the market with a simple concept — a cryptocurrency exchange. However, there are times when it is decided that additional functionality is required as early as the planning stage of a marketing campaign. And it’s perfectly fine to investigate the potential of a specific customer segment before deciding whether the new component warrants a separate investment round.

Keep in mind that the goal of your promotional campaign is to attract users to the exchange. The more advanced your platform’s functionality, the more likely traders will stay.

Conclusion on the best crypto marketing campaigns

Investing in campaigns and advertising can have a direct impact on your project’s future return on investment and profitability. Any PR campaign, however, must be tailored to the needs of your target audience and supported by the broadest possible range of services and tools.

FAQ on crypto campaigns

Who is the target audience for crypto?

People with digital knowledge and skills because, 44.3 percent of all crypto investors are millennials, 28.6 percent are Gen X, 17.8 percent are Gen Z, and 8.2 percent are Baby Boomers. Given the newness of this product and the digital skill gaps between these age groups, these figures are not surprising.

How do you grow a crypto project?

1. Make a story for your project.
2. Grow your community by utilizing social media.
3. Involve the community.
4. Manage your neighborhood.
5. Hire a professional to assist you.
6. Profit from the Network Effect.
7. Bringing together third-party apps.
8. Be inventive.

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