Examples of debt financing and its types

Debt financing is a way through which startups or businesses raise funds or capital by borrowing from individuals or organizations. The funds raised by these startups or businesses come as loans; some common examples of debt financing are soft loans, term loans, convertible debts, and guarantees. Every type of debt financing has advantages and disadvantages … Read more

Public Works Program Definition and Examples

Public works program definition Public works programs (PWP) are government activities that are created in order to help the poor in exchange for their labor or services. The government can pay cash, give food or vouchers in exchange for services or labor that are often intensive. Public works programs are also known as public employment programmes … Read more

Fiscal Policies Tools and Examples

Fiscal policies are measures carried out by the government to stabilize the economy by altering the level of its spending or by altering the types and levels of taxes. These policies can influence the economy by increasing the money available to the citizens or reducing the money available to them to achieve economic stability. Fiscal … Read more