Marketing strategies examples for small business

Marketing strategies are the means by which businesses attempt to achieve their marketing objectives.There are a wide variety of successful marketing strategies examples that a small business can choose from. Each type of marketing strategy has advantages and disadvantages; therefore, the selection of an appropriate strategy depends on a number of factors, including the nature … Read more

Impact of AI in marketing and advertising

There has been a lot of debate on the impact of AI on marketing. Many believe that AI has completely revolutionized the marketing industry while others believe that it may hurt marketing in the long run. Regardless of your perspective, it is undeniable that AI has had a major impact on marketing over the last … Read more

Crypto campaigns and how to get started

Crypto campaigns need to be done right because promoting cryptocurrency offerings can be difficult because it requires more than just placing ads and banners on various websites. The cryptocurrency market is now in such a state that each company’s journey is distinct. However, we hope that our digest will assist you in the initial planning … Read more

How to market your cryptocurrency

How to market your cryptocurrency is now the hot topic of the day because the world is being devoured by cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency and blockchain-based startups have skyrocketed in popularity. Therefore, initial coin offering (ICO) funding for startups has surpassed more traditional venture funding, leveled the playing field, and is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs. Anyone, … Read more

Societal marketing definition and examples

Societal marketing is an orientation or philosophy that holds that a company should make marketing decisions not only by considering consumer wants but also by considering society’s well-being. In this type of marketing, the consumer’s wants are given primary consideration, while the company also tries to balance these wants with the interests of other stakeholders. … Read more

Societal marketing disadvantages

Societal marketing is a philosophy that suggests that businesses should make marketing decisions not only by considering consumers’ wants but also by considering society’s long-term interests. While this may sound like a good idea, in theory, there are actually quite a few societal marketing disadvantages that come along with it. In this article, we’ll take … Read more

How to advertise ICO and promote it

How to advertise ICO? Since the end of 2020, there has been a significant increase in interest in cryptocurrency, and we now see a new wave of cryptocurrency marketing attempts to enter the market. As a result, a solid ICO marketing strategy can help you spread the word about your project and attract thousands of … Read more

Social marketing examples, theory, and strategies

If you are in the field of marketing, it is important to know about social marketing. It is a tool that allows you to influence people’s behaviors. In this article, we will discuss social marketing examples, theories, and strategies. Most people think of social marketing as simply “promoting” a message or product through social media. … Read more

Societal marketing concept: examples and companies

The societal marketing concept holds that a company should make marketing decisions not only by considering the needs of the company but also by considering the needs of society. This means that a company should not only focus on making a profit, but also on making a positive contribution to society. Another name for societal … Read more

Why is content marketing important?

Why is content marketing important? In today’s world, content, media, and technology keep evolving and in regard to this, companies and brands are evolving how they market and showcase themselves. This evolution is most especially inspired by consumers who are currently looking beyond simple advertising tactics from brands. Customers now seem to crave more unique … Read more