Lululemon Target Market and Customer Base

Every business has a particular group of individuals who they consider the ideal consumer for their product or service. Lululemon is not an exception in this matter as they also have a particular demography they serve. Lululemon’s target market comprises females and males who earn a considerable income and are … Read more

Tim Hortons Marketing Strategies

In business, marketing plays a very important role in a company’s revenue generation because, without a proper marketing strategy, the company’s efforts wouldn’t be valued enough. Tim Hortons’ marketing strategies have helped to give the brand a competitive advantage in a highly competitive sector of the quick service restaurant segment. … Read more

Lululemon Marketing Strategies and Marketing Mix

Lululemon marketing strategies combine the use of micro-influencers, social media, community, and in-store marketing. Other marketing strategies employed by the company include product scarcity, fabric exclusivity, as well as fashion and functionality of products. Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a multinational athletic apparel retailer that has Canadian roots. It was founded … Read more

Skimming Pricing Strategy

After companies have produced a new good or service, it becomes necessary to put a price at which consumers can purchase such a product or service. When pricing, it is important that the price is not too high so that it does not discourage people from patronizing the brand. It … Read more

Pricing Strategies in Marketing

The pricing strategies in marketing vary based on the desired outcome of the marketing effort. Marketing is a very important aspect of every company that produces goods or services as it ensures greater brand, product, or service awareness aimed at driving up sales and consequently, increasing business profit. Little wonder … Read more

Digital Marketing as a Career Path, Pros, and Types

Digital marketing as a career is one of the career paths available to individuals in this technological era where the marketing and advertising industry has been highly impacted by technological advancements. Traditional forms of advertising that require television, radio, or print newspapers and magazines have been mainly taken over by … Read more

Demographic Marketing Definition and Importance

In the world of business, sales are an important factor in the growth of a business as well as its profitability. A prominent means that companies use to increase sales is marketing, they do so by deploying different marketing strategies to get their products and services in front of consumers … Read more

MER vs ROAS Differences and Similarities

When it comes to digital marketing, two of the most commonly used metrics are Marketing Efficiency Ratio, or as some may called it, Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Both of these metrics measure the success of your campaigns, but understanding the differences between them is … Read more

Product Marketing Strategies Examples

As a marketer, you’re always looking for a new marketing strategy for selling a product, be it a new product or your existing product. The various ways to reach your target audience and promote your product are referred to as product marketing strategies. But with so many options out there, … Read more

Marketing strategies examples for small business

Marketing strategies are the means by which businesses attempt to achieve their marketing objectives.There are a wide variety of successful marketing strategies examples that a small business can choose from. Each type of marketing strategy has advantages and disadvantages; therefore, the selection of an appropriate strategy depends on a number … Read more