How to improve ROI in digital marketing

Many organizations use digital marketing, but not everyone knows how to improve ROI In digital marketing. It’s very common nowadays for brands, small businesses, major companies, and organizations to use digital marketing to create awareness for the products, services, or messages and they spend huge sums of money to promote their digital marketing campaigns. Like … Read more

Why is goal setting important to inbound marketing?

Why is goal setting important to inbound marketing? There are several reasons for this. The inbound marketers that are successful set goals because goal setting is the first step to achieving business objectives. In business, the main reason why your customers are your customers is that you solve their concerns. Inbound marketing is basically the … Read more

Crypto marketing strategy and campaigns

Cryptocurrency marketing is critical for the growth and success of businesses in this industry. No matter what industry you are in, a marketing strategy is essential. When it comes to initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency projects, developing a cohesive and effective marketing strategy is even more critical. Before we get to know the different … Read more

Fax marketing and broadcast faxing

Fax marketing is a low-cost method of reaching out to customers that, when done correctly, can be more effective than targeted internet ads or other forms of direct marketing. However, fax broadcasting, like any marketing campaign, should be done with caution or you may end up with a negative reputation as a fax spammer. But … Read more

Intent-based marketing meaning and examples

Intent-based marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on predicting and understanding a consumer’s intent to purchase a product or service before they make the decision. Intent-based marketing takes into account all the ways in which a customer could interact with a brand, from organic search to social media to direct mail, to … Read more

Why digital marketing is important for small business

There are many reasons why digital marketing is important for small businesses all around the world. We live in a golden age of technology and that has changed the way most businesses operate. 10 years ago, we wouldn’t even be talking about digital marketing because it didn’t even exist at the time and most businesses … Read more