How to Evaluate Market Segments

Before looking at how to evaluate market segments, let us have an overview of what market segments imply. Evaluating and choosing the right market segment helps in boosting a company’s market share. What are market segments? Market segments are the people that are being grouped together for the purpose of marketing. In other words, they … Read more

Marketing Mix Modeling & Optimization

Marketing mix modeling & optimization are basic elements that help in the enhancement of the marketing mix as better allocation of products are being facilitated. Other importances will be explained in the article. The process of marketing or distributing a brand particularly requires attention from management. This is because production is irrelevant until the products … Read more

5 Advantages of mobile marketing

The advantages of mobile marketing in our technology-driven world today can not be overlooked. We are living in a world where everything has gone online and with this, you can not afford to be using the traditional methods of marketing alone because you’d be forfeiting the many benefits that can be gained from mobile marketing. … Read more

6 Benefits of mobile marketing

The benefits of mobile marketing today can not be overemphasized. Since 2012, mobile phone users have gone up by more than a hundred percent seeing mobile phone users go from 1.8 billion to an outstanding 3.8 billion users. These numbers are expected to go up continuously over the next few years and this means that … Read more

Content marketing vs content strategy

The use of content marketing vs content strategy in business is a concept that is often treated as interchangeable but in actuality, they are rather distinct. In as much are these two concepts are different, they complement each other perfectly. In this article, we will be explaining the concept of content marketing vs content strategy … Read more

Bill of exchange and promissory note

There are basically 3 types of negotiable instruments, such as a cheque, bill of exchange, and promissory note. These negotiable instruments are signed documents containing a promise to pay a specific amount of money to the assignee or bearer at a specified date or on being demanded. Such financial instruments are transferrable in nature and … Read more

Inbound email marketing strategy

Inbound email marketing is still a vital part of any marketing strategy. With so many emails to choose from, how can you ensure that your messages are opened, read, and acted upon? This post will discuss the importance of inbound email marketing and the best practices on how to get the best conversion rate from … Read more

Explaining the types of bills of exchange

Before we explain the types of bills of exchange, it is good we understand the meaning of a bill of exchange. A bill of exchange is simply a paper that compels a bank or an individual to pay a certain amount of money to another person, company, or country. The person ordering the bank or … Read more

International bill of exchange (IBOE)

The international bill of exchange (IBOE) is a mode of business transaction that is intended to hold everyone accountable for making timely payments. Individuals who operate a successful small business but do not want it to remain small may want to get their brand and products in front of new customers in new international markets. In … Read more

Avalised Bill of Exchange Meaning

Here we discuss the avalised bill of exchange meaning, benefits, and differences with a letter of credit. Having a proper understanding of a bill of exchange itself is one thing however, having an avalised bill of exchange could be viewed as a different concept and provide a completely different meaning. There’s a reason the bill … Read more