Ford Suppliers List and Components Supplied

The Ford supply chain consists of a complex network of suppliers that ensure the company has the parts and materials it needs to build cars. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that the supply chain is efficient and reliable. Ford’s suppliers can be grouped into tiers 1, 2, and 3.

The greater the number of suppliers, the less likely there will be a delay when one supplier encounters a challenge. This will mitigate Ford’s supply chain issues caused by delays in the delivery of car parts. This means there could be many suppliers, supplying the same auto parts to Ford, which can be used for different car models.

For example, Flex-N-Gate supplies door parts for the Ford Ranger, and another supplier may produce similar door parts for another model.

A good example of this supply chain management strategy is used by Ford for outsourcing battery production. Contemporary Amperex Technology company is a Ford supplier that produces lithium iron phosphate batteries for the Ford Mustang Mach-E models in Canada and the US but another Ford supplier, LGES is saddled with the manufacturing of Nickel Cobalt Manganese batteries for the same Mustang Mach-E.

This helps to reduce reliance on a single tier 1 supplier to produce a specific car part for all models; relying on a single company to do that is not a good supply chain management strategy because anything affecting such a supplier not to meet demand means no cars can be completed, leading to delays.

However, managing a large number of suppliers can be challenging and monitoring for quality may not be feasible with such a large number of suppliers. To mitigate this, some companies vertically integrate the key aspects of their business, while outsourcing other aspects.

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The list of Ford suppliers is numerous, I will keep updating the list as more suppliers are added. The components supplied to Ford and the location of each company are described after the general listing.

Ford Suppliers Lists

  1. Flex-N-Gate Seeburn
  2. NHK Spring
  3. U-Shin Europe
  4. Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems
  5. Flextronics Automotive
  6. Webasto Roof & Components
  7. Summit Plastics
  8. Dee Zee
  9. Comstar Automotive Technologies
  10. Warn Industries
  11. Mahle Group
  12. Autoliv

Ford’s Tier 1 Suppliers List

  1. Vitesco Technologies
  2. Tribar technologies
  3. Visteon Corporation
  4. Flex-N-Gate
  5. Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL)
  6. NHK Spring
  7. SK On
  8. LG Energy Solution Ltd. (LGES)
  9. Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems
  10. Continental AG

Ford Motors uses more than 1,400 tier-1 suppliers of its car parts. We will mention a few below with the components they produce.

Vitesco Technologies

This tier 1 Ford supplier produces a wide range of sensors and electronic controls specifically for the control of temperature as well as door handle sensors. It also produces intelligent battery sensors, engine control units, and Central Powertrain Controllers (CPC) for electrified drives.

One of Ford's suppliers is Vitesco Technologies which produces a wide range of products such as door sensors
One of Ford’s suppliers is Vitesco Technologies which produces a wide range of products such as door sensors.


Tribar technologies

Another Ford's Supplier is Tribar Technologies which produces the lettering and the oval badges for Ford
Another Ford Supplier is Tribar Technologies which produces the lettering and the oval badges for some Ford cars such as the Bronco Sport.

Tribar is one of the tier 1 suppliers of Ford Motors and other automobile companies such as General Motors.

Tribar is a major supplier of injection molded parts and decorative applications. As a Ford supplier, it produces the blue oval badges on some models such as the F-150, and the lettering on the Bronco model.

Visteon Corporation

Visteon Corporation is an American tier supplier to major automobile manufacturers such as Ford. The company is located in Van Buren Township, Michigan.

As one of Ford’s suppliers, Visteon designs and produces cockpit electronics products and electrification products such as switchable junction boxes, autonomous driving software (Visteon DriveCore ™), connected services, wired and wireless Battery Management Systems, etc.

Flex-N-Gate Seeburn

Flex-N-Gate is a major Ford supplier that makes exterior trim components such as bumpers, headlamps, door arms, and hinges. Other car parts that are supplied by Flex-N-Gate include front-end modules (FEMs) – including forward lighting, radiators, cooling fans, air vent systems, decorative car bumpers, and hood latches.

Flex-N-Gate company is one of the examples of Ford suppliers who produce parts such as bumpers headlamps and door handles for Ford motors and many other car manufacturers
Flex-N-Gate company is one of the examples of Ford suppliers who produce parts such as bumpers headlamps and door handles for Ford motors and many other car manufacturers

The company has many manufacturing facilities in many countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, etc.

Flex-N-Gate is not just a supplier of Ford Motors, it supplies many other automakers such as Nissan, Toyota, General Motors (GM), Subaru, Stellantis, and Chrysler.

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL)

Contemporary Amperex Technology is a Chinese battery manufacturer that is a tier 1 supplier of Ford motors. CATL produces lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs for Ford cars such as the Mustang Mach-E models.

CATL is also a Tesla supplier that supplies Tesla with batteries as well. It also has manufacturing facilities in Germany.

NHK Spring

This is a Japanese company that is one of the tier 1 suppliers of Ford. It makes numerous automotive springs and other parts such as suspension springs, seats, seat parts, etc.

Because of the diverse spring components produced by NHK Spring company, it is a major supplier to almost all auto manufacturers; including Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Renault, etc.


SK On, a company located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, is one of Ford’s suppliers that produces electric vehicle batteries for Ford Motors. This South Korean company is a subsidiary of SK Innovation. It is also a tier 1 supplier for Kia motors.

LG Energy Solution Ltd. (LGES)

LG Energy Solution Ltd. (LGES) is a South Korean company that is one of Ford’s suppliers of electric vehicle batteries. It has a market share of more than 20% in the manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries. LGES is also a tier 1 supplier of batteries to Tesla, General Motors, Volkswagen, etc.

Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems

Valeo is another supplier of Ford motors. This company, located in Poland supplies starters for Ford.

Continental AG

Continental AG is a German automotive parts manufacturing company that is one of the Ford tier suppliers. Continental Ag supplies Ford with tires, brake systems, and vehicle electronics (especially for its electric vehicles).

Continental AG is one of the Ford Suppliers and as a tier 1 supplier it produces tires for Ford Mustang Mach-E
Continental AG is one of the Ford Suppliers and as a tier 1 supplier, it produces tires for the Electric Vehicle, Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The company also supplies various parts for Ford, especially in the Mustang Mach-E model as seen in the picture below.

The auto parts that Continental supplies to Ford Motors include Tires, light control units, door control units, wheel speed sensors, brake systems, brake hoses, and a Key authentication system (Passive Entry Passive Start). Other parts that this Ford supplier produces include antennas and surface materials for doors and seat covers.

Continental is one of the Ford Suppliers that supplies various parts, especially for the Ford Mustang Mach-E
Continental is a Ford Supplier that supplies various parts, especially for the Ford Mustang Mach-E


Other Ford Suppliers in the Mining Industry

  1. Vale Canada
  2. PT Vale Indonesia
  3. Huayou Cobalt
  4. BHP (Australia)
  5. Liontown Resources
  6. Rio Tinto (Argentina)
  7. Ioneer
  8. EcoPro BM
  9. Compass Minerals (supplies lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate)
  10. Syrah Resources (supplies natural graphite)

Ford’s Suppliers in the United States (USA)

  1. Autoliv
  2. Bosch
  3. Continental AG
  4. Faurecia
  5. Flex-N-Gate
  6. Magna International
  7. Michelin
  8. Nippon Seiki
  9. SKF
  10. Valeo

Table showing the location of the Ford Suppliers in USA

Ford Suppliers in USALocation
AutolivOgden, Utah
BoschFarmington Hills, Michigan
Continental AGAuburn Hills, Michigan
FaureciaFraser, Michigan
Flex-N-GateUrbana, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan
Magna InternationalTroy, Michigan
MichelinGreenville, South Carolina
Nippon SeikiSabina, Ohio
SKF GroupLansdale, Pennsylvania
ValeoTroy, Michigan
A table showing the list of Ford suppliers in the United States with their location

Table Showing the Suppliers of Ford, their Location, and Components supplied

Ford SuppliersLocationParts Supplied to Ford
AutolivSweden, US, MexicoAirbags
BoschGermany, Mexico, USSteering controls, Electric motors, and electric fuel pumps
Continental AGGermany, Mexico, USTires
FaureciaFrance, Mexico, US Interior systems
Flex-N-GateUnited States, China, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, India, and CanadaDoor handles and Hinges
Magna InternationalCanada, Mexico, US, AustriaBattery enclosures and truck frames
Webasto Roof & Components Germany Sliding sunroofs
MichelinFrance, Mexico, USTires
Warn Industries Oregon (United States)Axle assemblies
Nippon SeikiJapan, Mexico, USAutomotive meters and instruments
SKF GroupSweden, Mexico, USBearings and seals for e-powertrain, wheel-end, driveline, etc
Visteon CorporationMichigan, United StatesAutonomous driving software, connected services, SmartCore™ domain controllers, wired and wireless Battery Management Systems, etc
SK OnSouth KoreaElectric Vehicle Batteries
U-Shin Europe HungarySteering columns
Dee Zee The U.S. (Iowa)Running boards
LGESSouth KoreaCar batteries
NHK Spring JapanSuspension stabilizer linkages and many other Spring components
Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems Poland, France, Mexico, United StatesStarter assemblies
Summit Plastics ChinaInstrument panel components
A table showing Ford’s Suppliers, their Locations, and Components supplied to Ford Motors

Indirect Suppliers of Ford Motors

These suppliers provide a variety of services to Ford, such as transportation, logistics, and IT support.

List of Indirect Suppliers of Ford Motors

  • Cisco
  • FedEx
  • Penske Logistics
  • Roush
  • Union Pacific
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