Price to earnings ratio formula (P/E ratio)

The price to earnings ratio formula is a metric that is useful in stock valuation and also business valuation of a company. It measures a company’s current share price relative to its earnings per share (EPS). It is the most widely used financial ratio for determining whether shares are “correctly” valued in relation to one … Read more

Business valuation methods and examples

Business valuation methods are ways by which the financial standing of a company can be determined. Determining the value of a business is not simple. It requires accounting for several factors within your business finances. Due to this complexity, many companies work with a professional to receive an objective, thorough evaluation of what their business … Read more

Identity based marketing: pros and cons

Identity based marketing is an offshoot of the large-scale advancement in the marketing world, which has led many brands to develop consumer-specific marketing for their brands. Decades ago, marketing was not specialized and did not involve in-depth research before marketing to consumers. At that time, the leading marketing differentiators were based on traditional groupings such … Read more

Content is King, Marketing is Queen

Content is King, Marketing is Queen. Content and marketing are the foundation on which any successful brand stands. Without them, your brand becomes like castles built in thin air- it just cannot stand. Humans have become increasingly connected through the internet and numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Everything seems to change … Read more