Effects of fuel subsidy in Nigeria

The effects of fuel subsidy in Nigeria comprise both positive and negative effects. Fuel subsidy has been a long-standing policy in Nigeria, aimed at reducing the cost of fuel for consumers and promoting economic growth and development. However, the policy has been a subject of debate, with some arguing that … Read more

Reasons for removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria

The reasons for the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria are numerous ranging from fiscal constraints to equity concerns. Nigeria has long grappled with the question of whether to maintain or remove fuel subsidies, which have been a significant drain on the country’s economy and public finances. The subsidies, which … Read more

How much is Nigeria paying for fuel subsidy?

How much is Nigeria paying for fuel subsidy? For decades, Nigeria has maintained a fuel subsidy program that provides a government-controlled price for petrol (gasoline) and other refined petroleum products, often at a rate below the cost of production. The intention of the program was to ensure that the nation’s … Read more

Disadvantages of Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria

What are the disadvantages of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria? The debates about the implications of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria have remained intense over the years. According to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the removal of fuel subsidies is one of the fiscal reforms that is needed … Read more

Why is there fuel subsidy in Nigeria?

Why is there fuel subsidy in Nigeria? Fuel subsidy has been used to keep the price of petroleum products such as petrol (premium motor spirit PMS), kerosine (national household kerosine NHK), and diesel (automotive gas oil AGO) affordable in Nigeria since 1973, this is largely due to the fact that … Read more

What is a Liberal Economy? Meaning and Characteristics

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Developing Countries Characteristics

In today’s global economy, developing nations play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in; for example, because of the high population growth rate, they form the majority of the immigrant population in developed nations; their economies have notable common features. These developing countries characteristics are responsible for … Read more

Disadvantages of the Digital Revolution

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Impact of Digital Revolution on Society

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Benefits and Advantages of the Digital Revolution

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